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Bardonecchia. Natural contact

Itineraries for hikes and excursions suitable for any pace, from altitudes of 1,300 to 3,500 metres above sea level  :

Trekking and walks

An alpine guide, a nature guide or a map and a pair of hiking boots, that is what is necessary to discover Bardonecchia, one of the alpine locations with the most trails.

Bardonecchia and its valleys offer an infinite number of alternatives for those who love walking in the mountains: trails, mule tracks and military roads from the valley floor to the mountain peaks, from 1,300 metres above sea level to 3,500, appropriate for all enthusiasts from those who simply want to take a simple stroll, to the precise excursionists and the most demanding alpine climber. We’ll give you a taste…

Sunlit itineraries and walks in the spruce and tamarack forests to reach the most noteworthy peaks: from the Guglia Rossa to the Val Fredda, from the Tre Croci to the Sommeiller glacier, and from Mount Tabor to Pierre Menue. Enjoyable breaks in the mountain huts and near the numerous alpine pastures.

And for those who prefer walking in a group, Bardonecchia organises trips for all ages and tastes, with expert guides.