Bardonecchia “Trail Station”

For runners of all levels.

The first Piedmontese location with routes entirely dedicated to trail running and nature running enthusiasts

Trail Running Project

The “BARDONECCHIA TRAIL RUNNING STATION” project was created to offer a surprising experience to all mountain enthusiasts, nature lovers, of TRAIL RUNNING.
The details, description, map and GPS tracks of the 11 routes are available in this section divided by difficulty levels.

All the routes are also collected in the Brochure “Bardonecchia Trail Running Station: tracks for running and trail running in Bardonecchia”, created by SGE20 “Outdoor Services” and available free of charge at the Bardonecchia Tourist Office.
The marked routes proposed within the Bardonecchia Stazione Trail arena represent an opportunity and a challenge for those who love to run in a natural environment..

The trails and Trail maps

The different levels of difficulty, from the entry level Urban (green color), all around the town, until the High (black color) that bring us up in the high mountains, passing through the Medium level (red color), whit a view on the Bardonecchia basin, design a training environment all to discover.

Beside, the Vertical (blue color) tracks are dedicated to the always more numerous lovers of the Only Up.One of those paths, starting from the Scarfiotti Refuge, a shelter hidden in the narrow Rochemolles Valley, drives the runner until the amazing quote of 3330 meters.All the signal used is reflective to facilitate those who like to race in the dark.


Sergio Gallicet