Bardonecchia. Snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing trails

The most appealing way to discover Bardonecchia and its mountains
in the winter is within the silence of our snowy woods!

Come and discover our evocative
itineraries to snowshoe
on your own or in a group!

Snowshoeing in Bardonecchia

Ever more popular, snowshoeing excursions merit our full attention.

It not only represents an excellent way to come into contact with an exceptional environment, but it is also a valid way to exercise given the total use of all muscles. It can be done at any age by adapting the pace to any ability.

There are 3 areas in Bardonecchia that are indicated and allow for a snowshoeing experience; the proposed zones are at the beginning of the lifts in the Colomion, Melezet and Jaffrau areas, in that way optimal snow conditions are always guaranteed.

Route 1 – Melezet
Departing from the Chesal area, the route travels for 3.5 km through splendid woods and breathtaking panoramas in the magnificent Valle Stretta.

Route 2 – Colomion
Departing from the Pian del Sole area, the route is 1.5 km and an easy introduction that is ideal for the entire family and children (who are accompanied by an adult).

Route 3 – Jafferau
Departing from the arrival point of the cable car, it is 4 km long and offers a splendid vista.

Route 4 – Valle Stretta
Departing from the cross-country skiing route at Pian del Colle, the route is 6 km long and of an easy to medium difficulty, ideal for the whole family.

Route 5 – Pian del Colle
Departing from the cross-country skiing route at Pian del Colle, the route is a ring that is 4 km long (an easy trail) which passes through marvellous woods.

Route 6 – Valle del Rho
Departing from the Borgovecchio-Tur d’Amun, the trail is 4 km long and of an easy to medium level of difficulty offering beautiful scenes overlooking the Bardonecchia basin.

Even if you are following one of the proposed itineraries, remember to be prudent as the activity takes place in high mountains. Never leave on your own, let your itinerary be known by someone and respect the rules of common sense and prudence. Return before the lifts close.

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