Bardonecchia awaits you with its Snowpark and its 100 km of slopes

100 km of ski slopes. 21 ski lifts

5 black; 18 red; 16 blue. 50% of the runs have snowmaking capabilities


Structures of all types and for all levels

The site for all the snowboarding competitions at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games, Bardonecchia has become a point of reference for snowboarding on a global scale, thanks to an avant-garde snow park and numerous runs that are ideal for snowboarding.

Snowboarding fans can find descents and structures in Bardonecchia of all types and at all levels, appropriate for those trying snowboarding for the first time as well as those who are at an advanced level. Moreover, international champions, national instructors, trainers and experts are part of the staff of the Ski School and are available to those who are interested in snowboarding or in perfecting their technique and style.

The Colomion area is mainly a wooded ski environment. The Jafferau one is predominantly a high-altitude ski area (the highest point reaches 2,807 metres) and offers a breathtaking landscape.

Ski lifts

The ski area of Bardonecchia is made up of the following areas, each of which has different but complementary characteristics.

The Colomion-Les Arnauds and Melezet ski areas have wide well-marked ski runs mainly in the woods, where a dense and creative web of routes which depart from the centre of the town – at Campo Smith, at just over 1,330 metres above sea level – reaching the vast treeless plateau of Vallon Cros at 2,400 metres.

Just 5 minutes from the town centre, thanks to the free shuttle buses, you can reach the Jafferau ski area which reaches a maximum altitude of 2,800 metres. Here you can mainly ski without woods in a high-altitude environment, with an incomparable vista of the surrounding mountains.

100 km of runs of which
5 are black, 18 red and 16 blue

Ski lifts

transport of people/hour


of the runs have snowmaking capabilities


Snow park

Indicated snowshoeing routes

Ski and snowboarding schools

Coordinated first aid serviceso

Bars, restaurants, cafeterias in the ski areas

Ski, snowboarding and accessories rentals

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A unique and untainted landscape