Rock climbing and Via Ferrate in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia: the charm of a totally authentic alpine environment

Bardonecchia is surrounded by mountains that meet in a magnificent basin where four valleys come together and offer magnificent climbing routes.

A great attraction for Bardonecchia. The rocky crests that surround the basin are a true challenge for climbers and represent an attraction that has been uniting crowds of sportspeople for two centuries.

Two natural rock faces:  The Militi rock face and the Croz del Rifugio are fundamental destinations for those who adore the thrill of climbing and fighting the force of gravity.

On the list of outdoor climbing facilities keep in mind Cresta del FortinoTorre VirginiaTorre Marta and Torre Germana.

The Rouas Via Ferrata is in Melezet: a very beautiful route on calcareous rock with three different itineraries involving different time commitments and levels of difficulty.

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