Bardonecchia. Natural contact

Bardonecchia. Natural contact

Bardonecchia. Natural contact


Bardonecchia’s forests represent a unique,

natural heritage in the Piedmontese landscape

General Characteristics

The geographic position and climate of Upper Susa Valley have played an important role in developing characteristics that make it a varied and interesting territory today, also from an environmental and naturalistic perspective.

Its woods constitute a unique natural heritage in the Piedmontese landscape: vast tamarack forests, Scots pine, mountain pine, white spruce, red spruce and Swiss pine distinguish the territory extending from the valley floor to over 2,000 metres high.

On the valley floor and the less steep slopes, grass fields interpose with the forests and provide harmony to the landscape. Beyond the woods are great expanses of grazing fields above 2,500 metres, which accommodate hundreds of cows and sheep in the spring and summer. The lakes, true jewels at high altitudes or in the forests, are numerous. The intense flowers in the fields and grazing areas bloom from June until August and with their numerous species, typify every part of the valley.