Olympic Community

The Municipality of Bardonecchia was an OLYMPIC COMMUNITY for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games. More specifically, it hosted the snowboard competitions and an Olympic village.

Province: Turin
Altitude: 1,312 metres
Area: 132.31 km²
Population: 3,050

HAMLETS: Les Arnauds, Melezet, Millaures, Le Gleise, Rochemolles


Bardonecchia is located at 1,312 metres above sea level in a vast basin in which four valleys converge in a fan-like manner: Rochemolles, Frejus, Rho and Melezet with the Stretta Valley. The basin of Bardonecchia spreads out at the centre of a large amphitheatre of peaks (many above 3,000 metres, maximum altitude 3,505).
The antique inhabited nucleus of Bardonecchia is made up of the so-called Borgovecchio, gathered around Saint Hyppolite Parish church.

The historic centre of Bardonecchia is linked to the so-called Borgonuovo by the central Via Medail which is the touristic centre of Bardonecchia: stores, ateliers, games rooms, ice cream parlours, bakeries, restaurants and bars are on both sides of the street which is limited to traffic and full of tourists in the high season.

From the railway station, after the roundabout and entering Viale della Vittoria you access the park and sports area of Bardonecchia: Campo Smith (the home of the ski school and the departure point for the Colomion ski runs), the sports palace, swimming pool, children’s park and from there to the football field near the Festival Hall.

A unique and untainted landscape

Comune di bardonecchia - Ufficio del Turismo



Ufficio del Turismo

Piazza de Gasperi, 1 - Bardonecchia
+39 0122 99032



    By car

    Take the Torino-Frejus A32 toll highway or follow Susa Valley’s SS24, SS 25and SS 335 state highways.

    By train

    Take the international Milan-Paris train; Bardonecchia is the final Italian station at the opening of the Frejus tunnel, or the Torino-Bardonecchia-Modane train. - Tel. 892021

    By air

    The nearest international airport is Turin’s Caselle Airport (95 km), but Milano Linate, Malpensa, Chambery, Lyon and Geneva airports are fairly close alternatives.