The competitive spirit has always distinguished us, but our priority is to correctly set up the technique of our young and great skiers, teaching correctly the FUNDAMENTAL ski technicians, in order to improve safety and performance.
The achievement of the levels of safety, technical skills and appropriate tactics will take over the competitive charge.
Our technical staff consists of Fisi federal coaches and a National Instructor.
In the chicks and children categories, skiing in the open field will be particularly taken care of and recurring multilateral activities (eg fresh snow, freeride, etc.) will be recurrent.
The improvements obtained will serve to optimize the technical gesture and the safety of children and teenagers when they ski in the tracks.
Our technical programs will be individualized in order to take care of each individual’s growth. During the season technical evaluations will be carried out and consequently individualized programming with customized video corrections.
Our philosophy of Sport will always be the same as for over thirty years: to offer a fun and multilateral activity, with the aim of stimulating the commitment, aggregation and enhancement of healthy life principles.
We will carry out FISI and FIE federal competitive activities without exasperation. Precisely for this reason, races will be chosen according to the technical preparation achieved.
In addition, we organize ski courses for children from 3 to 4 years of age with specialized ski instructors