A functional gym, with the latest equipment equipped with a Cardio area specifically designed to improve your perforamance, alpine skiing simulators and innovative machines designed to improve the athletic gesture. Fisi trained and certified staff in athletic training and rehabilitation in order to provide our athletes with a job of excellence. Studio Pilates Reformer for a particular attention to movement through specific postural, proprioceptive and rehabilitation protocols. A team of Osteopaths, Massophysiotherapists, Kinesiologists and Posturologists to manage the pre and post injury and ensure quality work. Aerial disciplines, Circle, Pole dance and Fabrics. Hip hop school from 3 years upwards. A vast musical palimpsest with dance classes ranging from smooth to hip hop through Zumba, Pilates, Postural, Yoga and Power Yoga classes. Spinning, Slim Program, Trx, Power Tone, Cross Train and Functional Circuits, Wiems Pro. Personal Trainer Service