Studio Bardo S.A.S. is a real estate office, born in 2001, is founded by two real estate agents, who decide to combine their strengths and knowledge, thus giving life to an activity able to meet your needs and make your dreams and desires Real. Over the years, even when the real estate market seemed to have stopped, they were able to grow by knowing and appreciating more and more this profession, which from day to day requires to be always abreast of new standards and with the Needs and aspirations of the clientele. The Studio Bardo S.A.S. is able to guarantee you professionalism and commitment ensuring the utmost seriousness in the management of your practices. You will be followed step by step, both in the sale of your property and in the purchase of the House that meets your needs. Without commitment and with the utmost confidentiality, are available evaluations of your property, both for sale and for the rental.
Studio Bardo S.A.S. is synonymous with the professionals of the building and their services are at your disposal.