Length: 9.934 km. Positive height difference: 312 m, Negative height difference: 312 m,
Starting altitude: 1459 m, Arrival altitude: 1767 m.

Marked in white

The best choice for winter trail running in the Bardonecchia area.
The route starts at Pian del Colle, on the road to Colle della Scala, in French territory.
The itinerary is almost always compacted by snowcats and snowmobiles owned by the two refuges located 5 km from the start.
Pleasant and useful a warm stop on colder days.
The itinerary is marked as round-trip.

BST WINTER (10 KM – 250 D+)

Track Information


Min Elevation: 1459 m

Max Elevation: 1768 m

Total Elevatio Gain: 354 m