Length: 6810 m. – Positive difference in height: 1154 m. – Starting altitude: 2151 m. – Arrival altitude: 3305 m.

Marked in blue color and white – red (GR)

Ascent for lovers of high mountains. It starts from Rifugio Scarfiotti (2165 m), reachable by following a part of the highest gravel road in Italy, Bardonecchia – Sommeiller.
You go up immediately, passing near waterfalls and streams and reaching first the Pian dei Morti and then the Pian dei Frati.
From here the trail climbs, in a very high mountain mineral setting, up to the 3330 meters of the summit of the Sommeiller!
The descent follows the ascent path or can take place, from Pian dei Frati, on the gravel road to the Refuge where to eat a good polenta.

BST Vertical Punta Nera - VERTICAL 3 (10 km – 1700 D+)
BST Vertical Sommeiller

Track Information


Min Elevation: 2151 m

Max Elevation: 3305 m

Total Elevation Gain: 1188 m