Length: 2,909 m. – Positive difference in height: 842 m. – Starting altitude: 1338 m. – Arrival altitude: 2180 m.

Indications in blue and white – red (GR)

An ascent track, very simple that starts from the upper part of Bardonecchia, follows the ridge of the Melmise and reaches its summit at the Cross of the Chabriere.
The descent can take place on the same path of the ascent or following the mule track that descends in the direction of the Grange Chaffaux.
Water only in the departure area..

BST Vertical Chabriere - VERTICAL 1 (3 km – 900 D+)
BST Vertical Chabriere

Route information


Min Elevation: 1336 m

Max Elevation: 2181 m

Total Elevation Gain: 859 m