Length: 5,618 m. – Positive difference in height: 144 m. – Negative height difference: 144 m. – Starting altitude: 1272 m. – Arrival altitude: 1394 m.

Very popular itinerary, it develops on the Path of the Roses (walk of the Canal) and along the Vie du Vio to return to the Campo Smith area.

Along the return to the starting point, we pass in front of the Palazzo delle Feste.

Water points on the Roses footpath and in Bardonecchia.

Runnable in both directions, it is marked in an anti-clockwise direction.

Only the Path of the Roses is crossable (paying attention) during the winter.

BST Urban Vie Du Vio – Urban 1 (5.5 km – 150 D+)


Min Elevation: 1271 m

Max Elevation: 1395 m

Total Elevation Gain: 205 m