Marked in red color and white – red (GR)

A funny and very open itinerary starting at 1800 meters from Chesal, which can be reached from the Melezet (1400 meters) by foot and, when in operation, with the chair lift.

The itinerary starts on a flat road going West to reach the path that, passing through the Granges Teppa and Guiaud, reaches the Col des Acles on the French border.

From here, it turns right to East and reach the Mulattiera Pass (2400 meters) where the view opens onto the Oulx basin on whose territory the track continues reaching Punta Colomion.

From here the descent continues back on Bardonecchia side and to the starting area.

The route, which can be used in both directions (not during the winter season), is traced counter-clockwise.

It is possible to find water at the bar in the departure area, at the Punta Colomion bar and at the Grange Teppa.


BST Medium Colomion - Medium 1 (16 km – 800 D+)
BST Medium Colomion

Route information


Min Elevation: 1617 m

Max Elevation : 2402 m

Total Elevation Gain: 1123 m