Length: 19.558 m. – Positive difference in height: 1556 m. – Negative height difference: 1556 m. – Starting altitude: 1336 m. – Arrival altitude: 2802 m..

Marked in black color and white – red (GR)

Very nice and very challenging itinerary with departure and arrival in the upper part of Bardonecchia.
The track follows, in the first 900 meters of elevation gain, up to the Cross Chabriere, the path Vertical 1.
From this point remains on the ridge, with an aerial path (pay attention!) until the Passo di Rocce Verdi (2,800 mt).
The view over the village of Rochemolles is wonderful!
From here, turn left in the direction of Colle del Frejus, crossing the whole Pian delle Stelle valley.
The path is quite runnable but very severe in terms of attention.
Once you reach the path that descends from the Colle del Frejus, turn left again and go back to the starting point along the Vallone del Frejus.
The route, which can be used in both directions (not during the winter season), is traced counter-clockwise.
The water is only after km 16, don’t forget to bring it!

BST High Carnino - HIGH 1 (20 km – 1600 D+)
BST High Carnino

Route information


Min Elevation: 1336 m

Max Elevation: 2805 m

Total Elevation Gain: 2010 m