Length: 17,495 m. – Positive difference in height: 1152 m. – Negative height difference: 1152 m. – Starting altitude: 1411 m. – Arrival altitude: 2420 m.

Marked in black color and white – red (GR)

This itinerary, like the HIGH 1, is also very hard and very interesting from the point of view of the high mountain race.
The start is at Pian del Colle (1,450 m) and after a while the climb becomes important and steep, you go in the direction of Colle della Scala and you climb up to 2,250 meters.
From here the track follows the border line with France and becomes beautiful with a look at the nearby french mountains and glaciers.
Fascinating the passage near the Tower of Barabbas.
With a short descent and the following plan and ascent you approach the Col des Acles (common track with MEDIUM 1) and then reach the Mulattiera Pass (2,400 m).
From here, following the ridge, you reach (12 km) the beginning of a long descent that bring you back to the starting area.
The route, which can be used in both directions (not during the winter season), is traced counter-clockwise. Important to remember you can find water only in Chesal (km 13.8 approximately).

BST High Barabba - HIGH 2 (18 KM – 1150 D+)
BST High Barabba

Route information


Min Elevation: 1403 m

Max Elevation: 2432 m

Total Elevation Gain: 1492 m