MUSEO FORTE BRAMAFAM BardonecchiaBramafam Fort, the most important late-1800 fortification in the Cottian Alps, was built between 1885 and 1894 on the promontory of the same name, and which dominates the Bardonecchia basin, to watch over the Frejus Tunnel. During its construction, innovative techniques were adopted for the first time along with a traditional stone structure covered in concrete, as well as a new concept of weaponry: 120 mm Gruson artillery and 57 mm retractable turrets were installed.

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MUSEO CIVICO ETNOGRAFICO BardonecchiaIn the Parish church square, in the historic centre of Bardonecchia, is the Civic Museum: an 18th century building (the former home of the Communal House) that accommodates testaments to local cultural relics on two floors.
In the room on the ground floor objects, furniture, décor and equipment from daily life are on display, as well as a small section of religious art and antique objects; the upper floor houses objects and equipment related to labour and photographs that show the use of wood in construction and agricultural equipment

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